Combined Chorus

About Combined Chorus

Combined Choir is open to anyone who loves to sing! No audition is required. This ensemble performs in the Winter and Spring concert, as well as the Music in the Parks adjudicated festival.

Combined Choir consist of both the Boys’ and Girls’ chorus. Mr. McCaffrey directs the Boys’ Chorus, Miss Henry directs Girls’ Chorus.

When We Rehearse

Band, Chorus and Orchestra meet during 8th period on A, C and E days. Students involved in more than one ensemble rotate as follows:

    A Days: Band Priority
    C Days: Chorus Priority
    E Days: Orchestra Priority

Rehearsal Guidelines

If a student has makeup work, they may sign out of rehearsal on non-priority days (A and E). All members are entitled to 3 excused absences in the fall, and 4 in the spring. The only exceptions to this rule are school absences, sports games, field trips, etc.

Students cannot miss rehearsal unless they present a pass, in person, to the choral director.

Students may not sign out of rehearsal two weeks prior to the concert.

Students must remain academically eligible to participate in chorus. If a student is failing two or more classes, they may not attend rehearsal until their grades improve.

Students are required to make up all missed academic work due to dress rehearsals or field trips.

Concert Attire

Concert dress is required at all assemblies and concerts.

Note: Concert Attire is not required at the in-school dress rehearsal. Only for concerts.

Black Dress Pants

No leggings, no jeans, no pinstripe.

Black Long-Sleeve Shirts

No t-shirts, no patterns, no logos, no open shoulders.

Black Socks

Black Dress Shoes

No boots, no sneakers, no sandals – ladies, wear black flats, no heels.